Your hybrid infrastructure on a single tab

Out-of-the-box IT monitoring, so you can focus on a seamless end-user experience

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The Right Amount of Insight

  • One concise view of your applications and infrastructure
  • Instant agent-based deployment
  • SNMP mapping
  • Alerts only when you really need them

Take proactive control of your infrastructure

Deploy in minutes

Tigrio's cloud and agent-based implementation saves time and resources. The agent takes only seconds to install, enabling you to pull critical data immediately.

SNMP Mapping

Use Tigrio's SNMP mapping tool to automatically discover local routers, printers and switches during deployment. With Active Directory integration, view device status for massive networks on a single page.

Take Action

Ping devices, run remote commands and Powershell scripts, or submit HTTP requests directly through the portal.

Detailed metrics (coming soon)

View critical performance data in real time and customize reports to track performance history.

Alerts that matter (coming soon)

Tigrio detects your key components and services. Customize e-mail, SMS and other messaging platforms to notify you when things go wrong.

Increase your efficiency with one solution

Tigrio is for:

  • Network Engineers
  • Information System Engineers
  • IT Services Specialists
  • IT Support Specialists
  • Network Security Engineers